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Navigating the World of CBHAs:

How to Partner or Become a BHA

Community behavioral health agencies in Washington State are essential to ensuring that everyone has access to quality mental health services.

  • Resources to recovery residence operators

  • Partner with community behavioral health agencies

  • Medicaid reimbursable services in accordance with the SERI Guide.


This toolkit provides assistance for those in the beginning process of deciding what type of recovery residence they want to operate and how to secure funding.

Operators can either partner with an existing CBHA or become one.

  • CBHAs are designed to ensure access to coordinated comprehensive behavioral health care.

  • CBHAs are required to serve anyone who requests care for mental health or substance use, regardless of their ability to pay, place of residence, or age - including developmentally appropriate care for children and youth. 

Recovery Housing

Since the 1970s, many people in recovery have established sober housing or “recovery housing,” residential environments that provide people in recovery from substance use disorder a safe, alcohol and drug-free place to live. Recovery housing varied in quality and options for care.

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