Accredited Providers

Absolute Ministries

ABSOLUTE Ministries was founded to provide faith-based, positive housing to men and women that have completed a drug or alcohol inpatient rehab program and want to live for Jesus Christ. ABSOLUTE is "real life" with a lot of personal freedoms (car, phone, internet, money management, personal employment, etc). ABSOLUTE also provides graduated limited structure in some of these key areas of life that many individuals have difficulty in after completing a rehab program. Members make a commitment to lead a substance free life, in an atmosphere that focuses on accountability, integrity, character, transparency, and responsibility. This process makes for a true and successful transition, making people sustainable!

Caring With Compassion Community Home

To create a fellowship of peers that will provide a safe community of support to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), underserved marginalized individuals who are victims of criminal assault, have experienced "trauma", emotional, mental, disabilities and encounter barriers in their journey to holistic wellness.

Practice person-centered care with a trauma-informed approach to ensure the physical and mental safety of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), underserved individuals, or are victims of criminal assault. We support each individual’s potential, recognizing and building on their strength, and valuing purpose through community.

Hoff Foundation

To break the dysfunctional cycle which led to sex trafficking, compromised mental function, abuse, addiction, homelessness, or trauma in women and children.

We accomplish our mission by first offering a hand-up through Esther’s Place, registered certified housing, life skill classes, job readiness and placement, and transformative makeovers. We do this in partnership with Snohomish County Sheriff’s Program, donors, churches, businesses, local nonprofits, food banks, prisons, shelters, and rehab centers.

Our hope is realized when our empowered women are self-sufficient, confident, self-worthy and set free to live the life of their dreams.

Hope Street Homes

Hope Street is a Level II recovery residence for women in Walla Walla, Washington. We are accredited through the Washington Alliance for Quality Recovery Residences (WAQRR). Hope Street is a home where women can come to heal and recover from the disease of addiction. With the help of our full-time recovery advocate, residents establish an individualized recovery plan. The advocate then walks alongside them as they set out on their recovery journey. During this time Hope Street provides stable housing, social circles, connection with social services, health services and a culture that promotes self-care and hope. Hope Street provides a continuum of support, from inpatient treatment or incarceration, in a cost effective way.

Hutton House

Washington Transitional Housing provides a safe and encouraging environment for clean and sober living. We house motivated individuals that have made the decision and have taken the first steps to changing their lives through sobriety. Our residents share the common goal of improving their own personal circumstances and to prepare themselves to be “Moving On”, to a more successful life.

Kate's House Foundation

The miracle of Kate’s House Foundation began with a vision—safe and affordable housing for those homeless and in recovery —and launched a movement. Frank and Sherri realized that the private sector can buy real estate to house the homeless and have the house payments made by state and federal dollars. By placing men and women in great neighborhoods, they created a paradigm shift on how to change the trajectory of an individual’s life story.

Kate’s House Foundation is committed to compassionate and medically assisted treatment practices for recovery. We are committed to team work, individual growth and compassionate responses to the individuals entrusted in our care. We work with drug court, prisons, work release, hospitals and the private sector.

Since 2015, we’ve helped 500 plus men and women build new lives, and now we’re helping real estate investors around the country acquire homes to end homelessness and addiction in their own cities. We are great homes in great neighborhoods, utilizing tech-enabled all digital sober living. We use the latest in technology: computerized drug testing, smart technology for monitoring, data collection to assure that we are assisting in recovery and a highly skilled hands-on staff. Many of our staff came through our housing. They know addiction and recovery.

Living Clean and Inspired

After years of hearing about men in the Thurston county area struggling to find housing, I decided to do something. I wanted to provide a safe and affordable housing network that caters to the homeless and those in recovery. I found that it was possible to change and find a new way to live. It has been my mission and my desire to carry that message to the still suffering addict and alcoholic for as long as I live. If you or someone you love has this disease and would like to find a program that can work for them, please give us a call!

Welcome to Living Clean and Inspired. We are happy you have chosen us to provide your housing need. You will find the staff here to be dedicated to helping you improve your quality of life. To achieve that goal, we ask that you be an active participant in your own recovery. We are committed to helping you get healthy: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We want to see men rise up from the shadows of despair, fear, doubt, and worry. The shadows whisper negative self-talk and lead people on a path of destruction. It is possible to change course and reach your destiny.

Our commitment to you is to be of maximum service and assist you in co-creating an effective recovery plan. It is our intention to not only find a recovery path that works for you but to strive toward actualizing a plan that will support an extraordinary life. No one deserves to live in pain or despair. Living Clean’s Program is here to guide and support your journey toward a better design for living.

Living Clean and Inspired is a great way to transition from an inpatient treatment, jail, prison, or other back to the ‘real world’ while gaining valuable tools to combat their addiction. We have guidelines in place to teach responsibility.

New Earth Recovery

New Earth Recovery operates five recovery homes in Mount Vernon, WA. For those new in recovery, we offer a nine month program at Faith House (for women), and Cedar House & The Foundation (for men). For those with more recovery time, we offer longer-term residency at The Trust (for men), and Willow House (for women).

New Earth Recovery serves adults who seek a structured, faith-based recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. We support medication assisted treatment and partner with many local agencies including Drug Court, Catholic Community Services, Sunrise and Compass Mental Health, Didgwalic Wellness Center, Skagit County Detox, and inpatient treatment facilities statewide.

We believe deep emotional healing is needed to live a life of recovery. While those new in recovery often want to jump back into "regular life," recovery doesn't last unless the original issues that caused addictive patterns are dealt with. Through our relapse prevention program (The Genesis Process), a new way of doing community, solid recovery principles, and inner healing prayer, our residents find peace from the long-held traumas and grief of the past, freeing them to take the next step toward a sustainable, fruitful life.

Seattle Sober Living

Prior to Seattle Sober Living, structured sober living communities like these were only available out-of-state, and many families, including those of our founders, had to send their loved ones away to recover in a safe and sober environment. It is our mission to provide this kind of housing to the Seattle recovery community. Prior to Seattle Sober Living, structured sober living communities like these were only available out-of-state, and many families, including those of our founders, had to send their loved ones away to recover in a safe and sober environment. It is our mission to provide this kind of housing to the Seattle recovery community.

We have been thriving in the recovery community for 6 years now. Our team of employees are dedicated men with several years sober who’s lives have been changed at Seattle Sober Living. These are our full time jobs and we are long term employees. Our passion shows. As staff we communicate many times daily and meet weekly to address the needs of our community.

The Hand Up Project

The vision of The Hand Up Project is to assist people struggling with substance abuse and destructive behavior that has led to homelessness. We provide support from those who have had the same experience and are now enjoying a new way of living. Some of the support and resources we provide include:

Assessments: Field assessments to determine the client’s needs.
Housing: Providing safe, clean communities for those in The Hand Up Project program.
Accountability: Holding the willing to a level of healthy expectations.
Alliances: Collaborating with other like-minded charitable organizations.
Assistance: Guiding people to resources and walking the willing through the process for success.
Transportation: Helping people get to resources.

Our goal is to empower the individuals in our program to achieve lasting and positive life developments by providing the necessary resources for them to work through the underlying causes of their homelessness and/ or addictions. Thereby reinforcing the health of the community at large.

Truly Motivated Transitional Living

Truly Motivated Transitional Living is a non-profit organization offering clean and sober housing in Washington state. We are accredited by the Washington Alliance of Quality Recovery Residences.

Our vision: To transform lives of those suffering from addiction by providing opportunities in housing, education and support services.

Our Mission: To provide opportunities in Thurston County and the South Puget Sound for those suffering from addiction to transform their lives with the profound belief that people can change.

Truly Motivated comfortably houses up to 23 residents. We have trained, caring staff with lived experience and programs that target healing, life skills, foster community and a sense of connection and self-worth. For 16 years we have witnessed extraordinary success. Truly Motivated has three main objectives- Truly Motivated has three main objectives; to create an atmosphere of grace, provide a safe, structured, home-like environment and programs that change the lives and hearts of the people we serve.

Wheeler Housing Opportunity Foundation

Wheeler Housing Opportunity Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are committed and compassionate in providing housing and medically assisted treatment practices for recovery. We believe to succeed in life it all begins with a safe, clean place to lay your head. A place to call home. We want to provide that place. WHO-Wheeler Housing Opportunity provides safe affordable housing. Supported living for those seeking to begin and continue the process of achieving a successful, healthy, and productive life including accountability and compassion!