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If you would like to report a concern about a WAQRR accredited recovery residence, please complete a grievance form that includes the time, location, and parties involved in the incident you believe constitutes a violation of the WAQRR Quality Standards or Code of Ethics. We are not able to investigate all complaints (see below for details). 

Grievance Policy and Procedures Summary

When a concern/complaint is filed with the WAQRR Complaint Committee, the committee will attempt to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Download the Grievance Policy PDF to view the full policy. Below is a brief summary of the process. 

Step 1: Reporting and Informal Resolution

  • The complaint can be submitted in writing to WAQRR Complaints, P.O Box 1978, Mount Vernon WA 98273, or use the form below. You can contact us directly via email at An attempt will be made by the committee or its designee to immediately resolve the issue informally.


Step 2: Determination to Investigate

If the concern cannot be resolved informally, the Complaint Committee will determine if the complaint should be investigated or dismissed due to a lack of pertinent information.


To be investigated, a complaint must:

  • Be in writing.

  • Contain at least one grievant’s full name. 

  • Contain a means for WAQRR representatives to contact the grievant(s).  

  • Include enough specific information to establish a date, place and the grievant(s) involved, or equivalent specific information on which to base an inquiry.

  • Contain an allegation, that if found to be true, would constitute a violation of the WAQRR Quality Standards or Code of Ethics.  A grievant may have a legitimate complaint against a respondent, but their complaint, even if true, may fall outside of the purview of this process. The complaint does not need to explicitly cite the Quality Standards or Code of Ethics in order to qualify for investigation.

Complaints that will not be investigated include:

  • Personal conflicts between residents.

  • Complaints about organizations that are not recovery residences as specified by the NARR Residential Levels (I-IV). This would include transitional housing, homeless shelters, or treatment centers that are not accredited as level IV Service Providers.

  • Minor issues that should be resolved internally.

  • Issues that have already been resolved.

  • Complaints against non-accredited residences

  • Incidents that did not occur within the recovery residence or with a residential staff member/operator.


Step 3--Investigation WAQRR maintains a log of complaints. Findings will include whether the information gathered in an investigation supports the conclusion that the respondent has violated the Quality Standards or Code of Ethics, and if so, which standard(s) or ethic(s) apply.


Step 4--Decision The Complaint Committee will submit its findings to the decision-maker designated by the Board of Directors. In the case that the Complaint Committee finds no violation of the Quality Standards or Code of Ethics, the committee or its designee will notify the grievant and the respondent and the matter will be considered closed. If the respondent is found responsible for one or more violations, the Board’s designee(s) will use the Grievance Process Response Matrix (GPRM) to assign monitoring, remediations, and/or sanctions to the respondent. If a respondent’s accreditation has been terminated, it will be reinstated upon completion of a Quality Improvement Plan if one is identified. 

Grievance Form

This form is to be used to file a formal grievance. All sections must be completed and will serve as the source document for the grievance process. Please answer all questions fully. Additional information may be requested as necessary.

Have you submitted a grievance form for this matter prior to this one?

Your grievance was submitted successfully.

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